PRP Therapy for Aesthetics

Duval County Aesthetic PRP Therapy Specialist, Linda Quinn, M.D., has found that non-surgical cosmetic procedures can rejuvenate the skin without the harmful and dangerous side effects of surgery. Natural treatments, like Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, offer positive results after a simple procedure with little or no down time.

There are many treatments available to achieve glowing skin, including facials, microdermabrasion and fillers. However, PRP Therapy can be completed quickly, is affordable and can achieve amazing results. Men and women from Duval County and surrounding Northern Florida who want to recapture youthful, glowing skin have found that PRP provides lasting results that look natural.

Before starting a PRP cosmetic procedure, Dr. Quinn will assess goals and discuss various treatment options. Because Platelet Rich Plasma can be used in conjunction with other therapies, the doctor may choose to combine the procedure with other, complementary therapies.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy in the process of taking a small portion of the patient’s blood and spinning it isolate the platelets and growth factors. Small injections of the Platelet Rich Plasma are then placed in different areas on the face or hands to help stimulate collagen production and the regeneration of cells and tissues.

PRP Breast Lift
Breast PRP Enhancer consists of PRP injections into upper areas of the breast to improve cleavage and lift. PRP or platelet-rich plasma encourages more blood flow and collagen growth.
Platelet Rich Plasma/Platelet Rich Fibrin Facelifts
PRP/PRF is a procedure that uses your own PRP concentrated and processed for increased and lasting results. The platelets are activated to initiate the release of growth factors that promote tissue repair or regeneration and to promote healing. The growth factors are absorbed back into the stem cells present in the area of the skin being treated. Micro-needling is also added to create a slight injury in the skin. The stem cells respond to repair and heal the skin “injury” by growing new collagen, blood vessels and fatty tissue, which results in rejuvenated and younger-looking skin, tighter skin and restored volume that can last ten months and up to two years.
Hand Rejuvenation with PRP Therapy
People’s hands often show their age. Because Platelet Rich Plasma promotes healing and regeneration, the treatment can greatly improve the appearance of a patient’s hands. PRP can treat liver or age spots, wrinkles, decreased elasticity, and loss of volume in the hands. Platelet Rich Plasma can be combined with a fat transfer procedure to further increase the volume and improve hands’ appearance.
PRP Facial Micro Needling
You may or may not have heard of vampire facials or vampire facelifts, but they are the new trend in celebrity skin rejuvenation. Dr. Quinn offers PRP procedures with micro-needling for the face, facials and facial rejuvenation therapy. Our PRP facial treatment is administered using PRP injections as well as micro-needling with PRP absorption. This is a natural way to activate your own skin to produce collagen, become firmer and more youthful. This natural procedure using your own blood is vital to treating facial issues and facial rejuvenation. The effects are long-lasting and rejuvenating, giving your skin a natural, youthful glow. Many patients perform this procedure on the entire face as well as under eyes, wrinkle spots, blemishes and more. Using PRP is a natural way to treat wrinkles, crow’s feet, places with loss of collagen and other cosmetic concerns. Because the treatment uses your own plasma, your body is far less likely to have in adverse reactions to the procedure.
PRP Acne Treatment
PRP with micro-needling is an effective treatment for acne scars and acne. PRP injections as well as PRP micro-needling assist the body in collagen production, and thus smoothing of the skin and acne scars. This therapy has had great success in treating unsightly acne scars and blemishes and raising the dimples created in the skin. As in the previously mentioned facial treatment, PRP treatment is a great way to lead cells toward increased collagen production, increased thickness, decrease pigmentation. decrease wrinkles and more.
Removal of Stretch Marks with PRP Therapy
PRP therapy with micro-needling is an effective therapy to reduce and remove stretch marks. PRP injections and micro-needling reduce and make stretch marks less visible or completely gone. This therapy can be applied to any area of the body that has stretch marks as a result of weight changes, muscle changes or other reasons.

Get Started with PRP Therapy in Jacksonville, FL

Before undergoing any aesthetic Platelet Rich Plasma procedure, Dr. Quinn will obtain a patient’s full medical history and discuss treatment goals. In order to achieve optimal results, the she may recommend other therapies in conjunction with PRP.

Duval County Aesthetic PRP Therapy Specialist, Linda Quinn, M.D., can ultimately help patients to achieve tighter, firmer, more youthful skin and appearance. Duval County men and women have been able achieve amazing and natural looking results with a PRP facial injections and PRP Therapy for the hands.

To learn more about getting started with a cosmetic PRP treatment, contact Duval County Aesthetic PRP Therapy Specialist, Linda Quinn, M.D., today to schedule a consultation!